Startup Leadership Program chez Next & Coworking

fév 19, 2013 by     No Comments    Posted under: Coworking

Startup Leadership Program est une association qui importe à Paris un programme américain d’accompagnement de 25 startups françaises. Fondée en 2006 à Boston, elle sera réunie ce soir dans nos locaux pour ses projets.

SLP is a highly selective, world-class training program for outstanding founders, leaders and innovators in the technology, life sciences, cleantech and social enterprise space who are or want to be startup CEOs, and be connected to a global network.

SLP is an intense/hands on program with 9 monthly meetings and 4 weekend workshops  involving simulations, competitions, cases, presentations, and pitches. This program is highly competitive and attracts the very best of Boston. Since we groom the people – and are not financial investors in the startups themselves, we are complementary to programs where our CEOs either come from or go later – Techstars, Highland and CRV summer programs, YCombinator, etc.

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